Fabricate Carbon Mechanical Seal


Fabricate Carbon Mechanical Seal

dry gas mechanical Seal

To the demands of clients, we manufacture and supply a qualitative range of carbon seals. Owing to optimum quality and high functional efficiency, these seals are widely used at the areas where grease and oil lubricants do not work with corrosive liquids and gases helps in contamination by conventional lubricants.

We are also manufacturing Carbon Seal Rings, ceramic seal rings. Graphite has the good property of good resistant-corrosion, high thermal conductivity and lower friction,good self-lubrication, the smaller expansion. They can be made into the seal faces, bearings and so on. It is ideal to choose it as the frictional mating rings.

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a broad range of Carbon Mechanical Seals in which the primary seal face is of high graded carbon.

This gland packing is made from combination of Pure Aramid (Kelvar) fibers with dense impregnation of Carbon which is designed to replace and outlast traditional packings, particularly in abrasive media and high pressure rotary applications. The high content of carbon ensures excellent heat dissipation and very low friction which results in minimum shaft wear. The base fiber (Aramid) provides high strength and stability.

Some basic Features of Fabricate Carbon Seal:

  • • carbon rings for rotary joints
  • • carbon bearings with metal filling for pumps
  • • segment sealing rings for compressor
  • • graphite bladings for vacuum pumps
  • • Low coefficient of friction
  • • Volumetric stable