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Serving customers for more than 20 years, we provide reliable Pump seals and Mixer seals. We combine decades of experience and technological expertise to provide sealing solutions that exceed customer’s expectations.
Mechanical seals are one of the most efficient ways of sealing rotating shafts, consisting of two lapped faces arranged perpendicular to the axis of the rotating shaft. (This gives rise to the alternative name Radial Face Seal, Pump Seals or Packings.)
One face is fixed to the equipment casing or vessel, while the other is fixed to the shaft and so rotates with it. Frictional heat generation and wear is controlled by maintaining a film of lubricant between the seal faces. As such, mechanical seals resemble thrust bearings.
Our Mechanical seals can be used in all rotating equipments i.e., pumps, compressors, agitators, mixers, steam turbines, etc.
We offer a comprehensive range of Custom Engineered Mechanical seals.

We have access to the broadest range of single spring mechanical seals from one source.

  • Vast stocks are held
  • Wide choice of seal face materials and elastomers
  • Seals can be produced to individual customer’s requirements

Available Range

Bellow seals , Multi Spring Seals , Single Spring seals, Cartridge Seal, Agitator Mixer seals, Split Seals, Slurry seals andIndustrial Mechanical seals.


Chemical Industries, Oil Refinery,Petro chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical ,mineral and ore processing, food processing, as well as a number of general industries..

single spring balanced seal single spring unbalanced seal conical spring unbalanced seal single wave spring seal
Single Spring Balanced Seal Single Spring Unbalanced Seal Conical Spring Unbalanced Seal Single Wave Spring Seal
multi spring balanced seal multi spring unbalanced seal reversed balanced seal capsulated spring balanced seal
Multi Spring Balanced Seal Multi Spring Unbalanced Seal Reversed Balanced Seal Capsulated Spring Balanced Seal
Elastomer Bellow Seal Metal Bellow Seal PTFE Teflon Bellow Seal Rubber Bellow Seal
Elastomer Bellow Seal Metal Bellow Seal PTFE Teflon Bellow Seal Rubber Bellow Seal
single cartridge Seal double cartridge Seal high pressure cartridge Seal metal bellow cartridge Seal
Single Cartridge Seal Double Cartridge Seal High Pressure Cartridge Seal Metal Bellow Cartridge Seal