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single spring balanced seals


Seal Face :Carbon, Silicon,Ceramic, TC
Secondary Seals :Viton/PTFE/GFT
Metal Parts :SS 316, Alloy 20, 904L

Single Spring Balanced Seals

Single Spring Balanced Seals are specially designed to suit applications such as Slurry Media sealing, slight contamination, dirty media and clogging type. This type also allows fitting onto a normal shaft without any balancing step. The mechanical drive of this seal is released by grub screw which locks onto the shaft.

These seals have a limited axial length and compact shape thus enabling easy mounting. Balanced and unbalanced version can just be obtained by simply changing the carbon face assembly with the provided circlip.


High pressure pumps, refineries, fertilizers, nuclear plants and petroleum products.

Operating Limits

Pressure : 30 bars (Max)
Temperature :(-)50°C to (+)180°C
Speed :1500 rpm (Max)
Sizes : 10 mm to 150 mm