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Mechanical Seals come in a wide variety of designs however the most important factor when determining how long a seal is going to last is the right seal face material.

Mechanical seal faces are normally machined-to-order for engineered mechanical seals.We stock a huge range of sizes and shapes of Mechanical seal faces and seal rings both in form of raw material and semi finished condition for faster delivery.

Available Range: We offer SealFaces/Seal Rings which Include

  • Tungsten Carbide Seal Faces.
  • Ceramic Seal Faces.
  • Carbon Seal Faces.
  • Nitrile O- Rings.
  • Silicon Carbide Seal Faces.
  • PTFE seal faces.
  • Burgmann Mechanical Seals Faces- Type G6, Type R.
  • Mechanical Seals Faces- H &T Type.
  • Chrome-Oxide Seal Face (sole provider in Singapore)
ceramic seal ring tunsten carbide seal ring silicone carbide seal ring carbon graphite seal ring
Ceramic Seal Ring Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring Silicon Carbide Seal Ring Carbon Graphite Seal Ring