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Seal Face :Carbon, Silicon, TC,Ceramic
Secondary Seals: :Viton/PTFE/EPDM
Metal Parts :SS 316, Alloy 20, 904L

Single Wave spring seals

Wave Spring seals are internally mounted which are non-clogging.

Single Wave Spring seals are designed to be bi-directional and work with highly viscous & abrasive media, water, oils, fuels, less reactive chemical substances and liquids containing solid particles. The spare parts are removable and seal faces can be easily inserted.

They can be designed such that the spring is isolated from pump media.Torque transmission from retainer shell to seal ring is through drive pin.


This type seals are Used in centrifugal pumps and High Viscosity Handling pumps in purification plants, pulp & paper, chemical, petrochemical and sugar industries, brewery and pharmaceutical applications

Operating Limits

Pressure : 10 bars (Max)
Temperature (-)20°C to (+)200°C:
Speed : up to 2900 RPM(Max)
Sizes : 15 mm to 100 mm